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Where are you from?

-I grew up in St. John, Kansas – but have lived in Lawrence, Kansas for the past 18 years.

When did you begin grip training?

-I began my grip training in May of 2000 with an Ironmind Trainer. Before the end of the year I had a #1 and the Apollon’s Axle too.

What first interested you in grip training?

-The fact that it would be of considerable help in my then new job – as a corrections officer in a jail.

What do you consider to be your best achievements?

-These are a few achievements that I’m most proud of.

Certified on the Ironmind #3 in 2005.

Certified on the Gripboard Mash Monster 1 and 2 in 2005.

Double TNS #3 on several occasions.

Lifted 416 pounds on the 1” vertical bar in training in 2008.

Bent a 4” Bastard to become the 1st certified

Fantastic Bastard in 2008.

Lifted 303 pounds on the 2” vertical bar in training in 2011.

Deadlifted 310 pounds on an Olympic bar with my middle fingers – alternate grip – in a 2011 USAWA grip competition.

What are your current grip goals?

-Certify on the Mash Monster 3. My first attempt on the MM3 was in late 2005. My 2nd attempt was this month (April of 2011). I failed both times. Got very close – 1mm on my best effort – this time so I’ll give it another shot in a few months.
-300 pound 2” vertical bar lift in competition. This would also make me very happy. My best in competition is 276 pounds.

Additional Comments

-I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time spent grip training. Wish I had started years earlier in fact. For anyone on the fence about grip training – jump off the fence and start training your grip! It will help you in so many facets of your everyday life that it will surprise you. In a life and death situation – having a very strong grip can literally save your life. My advice is to go to a grip contest as a competitor. Not as an observer. You will be glad you did. Some of the nicest guys in sport are competing in grip contests. They’ll cheer you on and give you tips – even if that means you outperform them and place ahead of them. That’s standard practice in the grip world.

My blog: http://goalorientedtraining.wordpress.com/



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* Where are you from?
* When did you begin grip training?
* What first interested you in grip training?
* What do you consider to be your achievements?
* What are your current grip goals?
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