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The British Hand Strength Association aims to promote the proper foundation of a sports association founded along the ideas of promoting hand and grip strength as it is currently understood.

In time and with the support of its members it aims to get official recognition for events, lifts and records. This would be done via the media, via Guinness, and via other recognised strength sport bodies, groups and organisations. It hopes to offer a model for European and International Hand Strength associations which might follow. We welcome members from overseas under the BHSA auspice (subject to signing up and paying of the membership fee – please note they cannot set British records – further rules etc will be forthcoming as we grow) so as to encourage and not limit competition. The BHSA further encourages setting up of international associations which can work together and be affiliated with. Said associations allow for the setting of European and International records at BHSA events held in the UK.

We are fortunate that have among our current membership we have some of the top grip strength athletes of the current crop with many in the top ten.


Visit the BHSA forum.

heavy grips uk

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