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Heavy Grips Hand Grippers

Your training shouldn't be limited to working your back and biceps! It's paramount that you address and train the beginning of the kinetic chain - your grip! heavy grips logo

There is no better way to achieve a solid grip than training with Heavy Grips hand grippers. Heavy Grips hand grippers boast a tank like build and they are made to last through the rigors of your training. The heavy Grips hand gripper series allows athletes to go above and beyond in their hand strength capabilities.

Cheap, plastic hand grippers are now a thing of the past for serious athletes. Heavy Grips outshine plastic handled grippers tenfold. They take grip strength to an entirely different realm. One where true hand strength is forged!

Using Heavy Grips grippers as part of your training regimen allows you to build huge forearms and an almighty crushing grip that's not only functional to training but is impressive as an exclusive feat! There are many grip strength athletes who host a collection of Heavy Grips grippers in their grip training arsenal for the fact that they are effective and affordable. With Heavy Grips you can own a range of resistances to train your grip in different ways and own a "goal gripper"( which you'll aim to close as your personal challenge) without taking a hit to your wallet.

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Heavy Grips grippers sport high quality aluminum handles manufactured with 50 inch-force-lb torque increments from 100lbs to 350lbs so that you can progressively increase resistance as you do in other areas of your training. Heavy grips grippers are built to last that's why we offer a lifetime warranty which promises that in the unlikely event of your gripper breaks or malfunctions we'll replaced it immediately with no questions asked!

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heavy grips uk

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